New Home Decorating Tips

If we’re honest, decorating is the most exciting step when buying a new home. It’s likely you’ve started eyeing pieces at HomeGoods and made mental notes of designs you’ve seen on HGTV. Here are some tips to help make your home inviting and decorating easy.

First Impressions are Everything

Set the tone for your home at the front door. Consider painting the door choosing colors that are welcoming and inspire joy and warmth. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow are inviting and cozy. Say no to screen doors and go for a glass storm door instead. Planting and potting flowers in or near your front yard are a nice touch.


Keep the walls a neutral beige or gray. Neutral walls provide decorating flexibility. There is no need to repaint if you decide to change your theme in a few months. Neutral walls can also make some rooms look larger.

When it comes to photos, make sure they are scaled to the wall. Balance is key. Avoid a small gallery on a large wall. Go for oversized pieces that add a statement. Center photos above any piece of furniture and make sure the middle of the picture is eye level.


Arrange couches in groups that invite conversation. A U-shaped arrangement is intimate and balanced.  Floating furniture is better for space than pushing it all against the wall. This doesn’t necessarily give you more space or make the room look larger.

Choose a nice sized area rug that can fit under furniture. The rug should be anchored by all four legs.


Choose sheer panels over heavy drapes. Sheer panels make room for natural light and its many benefits.  Choose light colors in cotton, linen, or silk blends.

Adding at least one mirror to every room can brighten and amp up natural light.

Make your home stylish by add chandeliers and large table lamps. Bright light is not always the right light. Add dimmers for ambiance.


Splurge on couches and a dining room table. Everything else can be found at lower price points. Source from all different places at different prices. Some of the best pieces can are at yard sales.

Don’t Over Do It

Clutter causes confusion and stress. Too many decorations can make a room feel cramped. Aim for a clean, modern look and add just a few statement pieces.

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