Known for decades as “the oil capital of the world” for its major role in the American oil industry, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is being fueled by a diversified economic market. Today, aviation, finance, technology, and telecommunications are the leading industries in the city, as well as many prestigious law firms and medical practices, giving Tulsa a competitive career marketplace. Economic opportunities coupled with a vibrant cultural district make the city a popular place to call home.

Tulsa has been referred to as one of America’s most livable large cities. This is due in part to its thriving entertainment district and cultural arts such as world-renowned museums, professional opera and ballet companies, and countless nightlife establishments.

Bordering along the Arkansas River, Tulsa’s unique art deco architecture and historic roots provide residents with a variety of dynamic neighborhoods in which to live, work, and play.    The city plays host to a plethora of festivals each year. Scotfest, Greek Festival, Fest Dia de Los Muertos Art Festival are a few of the large events that take place annually.

On a smaller scale, scheduled block parties can be found in the various city neighborhoods, establishing a feeling of community throughout Tulsa. Given all that this dynamic city has to offer, it boasts a surprisingly affordable metropolitan housing market.

Many neighborhoods offer distinctly different characteristics, giving people choices of not only where, but how they want to live. The city is full of walkable neighborhoods where residents enjoy the convenience of being near work or retail districts. Extensive public transportation systems give access to small suburbs with small town charm while maintaining easy access to downtown Tulsa.

Many people who relocate to Tulsa find that researching the different areas of the city provides a great starting point in the search for a place to call home. However, seeking the advice of a real estate professional who is expert in the city’s neighborhoods and housing opportunities is the best way to insure a successful outcome. There are many factors to consider such as schools, lifestyles, and even traffic patterns that a realtor can help navigate.

Tulsa is not only a destination for work and play, but it is also an outdoor recreation lovers dream. The city manages 134 parks on over 8,000 acres, including botanical gardens, riverside green spaces, and miles of walking and biking trails, playgrounds, and countless other outdoor activities. There is something for everyone in this city in the “Green Country”.

Tulsa is a progressive, growing city that provides an array of cultural experiences and living

accommodations. From a metropolitan home in a charming neighborhood to laid back small town suburban communities, Tulsa has something special for everyone who chooses to call it home.