A Great Tulsa RE Experience with Tammy Perry


A Great Tulsa RE Experience with Tammy Perry

“Hard-working, thoughtful and considerate…”

Remember that game where you choose three words to describe your business?

At Tammy Perry Homes, we prefer to let our customers generate those words – sort of like you would if you were putting together a high school yearbook.

Here’s some of what these respondents have come up with – if you look right up top at our website, you’ll see these words: “Hard-working, thoughtful and considerate…”

used to describe Tammy Perry and her approach to local real estate in the Tulsa area.

You also see words like “knowledgeable” but these other words,and the stories around them, really demonstrate the breadth and commitment of relationships that Tammy Perry offers to clients, and that’s becoming overwhelmingly important in real estate today. If you can’t trust your real estate agent to really go to bat for you in the “deal world” (or in other words, the real world of deals), your real estate investment plan is probably in hot water!

Getting Right to the Point

Directly below these testimonials, which provide the proof of our authenticity and relationship-building in our markets, Tammy Perry has put actual real estate listings. That way, the casual web surfer doesn’t waste time waiting through other kinds of resources, like explanations of how the website works, or the bio of the founder’s dog (f course we love cute dogs!)

Instead, you click right into actual active listings, and go from there. This saves investors enormous amounts of time, and as we all know: time is money.

Tammy Perry’s Experience

Tammy Perry has been working in Tulsa real estate for a long time. What this means is that she’s built up an impressive network of buyers and sellers, title companies, inspectors, appraisers, and everyone else that you need to shepherd a real estate deal to a successful conclusion.

It takes a village to make a real estate deal. Just one person can’t do it – and actually just two or three people can’t do it, either. Having professional networks is absolutely essential in this field today, and Tammy Perry can demonstrate that achievement, to bring clients peace of mind about what they’re going to encounter as they move through the deal-making process.

Talk to Tammy Perry about what you want out of local Tulsa real estate. You’ll get a great local partner who can speak up and locate the deals on your behalf, who is proactive in doing the research, and tenacious about making sure your voice is heard throughout real estate negotiations. Come on in and let’s talk about your plan for real estate in a Tulsa neighborhood!