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3 Reasons to Move to Oklahoma

3 Reasons to Move to Oklahoma When many people think of relocating to a different state, they often overlook the fantastic locations in the midwest. However, it would be a mistake to disregard the beauty and features of places like Oklahoma. We may not have any beaches, but Oklahoma has many positives that make it [...]

3 Reasons to Move to Oklahoma2019-11-25T20:47:03+00:00

Oklahoma Provides the Perfect Home for Any Lifestyle

Oklahoma Provides the Perfect Home for Any Lifestyle Oklahoma is home to approximately 4 million people, and that number is on the rise. With it’s rolling hills, Great Plains, expansive scenery, and dynamic cities, Oklahoma is a popular place to call home.  The state boasts national sports teams, world renowned museums, professional arts, and a [...]

Oklahoma Provides the Perfect Home for Any Lifestyle2019-07-24T16:37:04+00:00

Live A Charmed Life In Tulsa

Known for decades as “the oil capital of the world” for its major role in the American oil industry, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is being fueled by a diversified economic market. Today, aviation, finance, technology, and telecommunications are the leading industries in the city, as well as many prestigious law firms and medical practices, giving Tulsa a [...]

Live A Charmed Life In Tulsa2019-06-28T22:10:25+00:00

New Home Decorating Tips

If we're honest, decorating is the most exciting step when buying a new home. It's likely you've started eyeing pieces at HomeGoods and made mental notes of designs you've seen on HGTV. Here are some tips to help make your home inviting and decorating easy. First Impressions are Everything Set the tone for your home [...]

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Top 1% of Tulsa Realtors

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